Specific Nutrition/Nutrition and Metabolism Alumini Association


Currently, the Alumni Association meets the Saturday March 10th, 15:00 pm at Nichia Medical hall (Use Tokushima Hospital Entrance).  Contact the Alumni Association to confirm meeting day, time and place.

Department of Nutrition and Metabolism, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Tokushima University Graduate School

Prof. Hiroshi Sakaue              

Senior Lecturer Nagakatsu Harada

Assist. Prof. Rie Tsutsumi


[Clinical work]

The core member of Tokushima Nutrition Support Team (NST) 


[Research task]

Both clinical and basic research projects are going on.


In clinical study, we focus on nutritional status and assessment of outpatients and inpatient with diabetes, oncology*, rheumatoid arthritis**, and critical ill*** in Tokushima University Hospital (Sakaue & Tsutsumi).

 * Effects of chemotherapy on taste receptor gene expression in patients with head and neck cancer.

**Assessment of body composition and nutritional status in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis.

***Nutritional requirement and body composition in critically ill patients and septic model mice.


Fields on basic research and key are listed below.

 1. Obesity and Diabetes research…Functional analysis of adipocyte in Obesity and Diabetes and role of regulation mechanisms on adipogenesis (Sakaue).




2. Effect of exercise training…Analysis of animal model of high exercise performance (SPORTS rats) (Sakaue).

3. mRNA surveillance in metabolismRole of nonsense mRNA decay in the regulation of nutrient metabolism and exercise training (Harada).

4 .Functional nutrients…Search for new function of amino acids and fatty acids (Tsutsumi & Takeo)